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Thank you for your interest in Shoreline Environmental. Shoreline Environmental is an arm of our original corporation, M.DeAngelis Inc., which has been providing contracting services to Connecticut and surrounding areas for over 32 years. We are a family owned and operated company established in 1976. The reason we have been so successful is simply because our business is based on customer service. You will always deal directly with our own employees; we never use subcontractors for any of our jobs.





Shoreline Environmental can provide services to eliminate any of your mold related problems and provide specialty cleaning and restoration for your home, business, boat and much moreMold remediation is the process of cleaning the mold and eliminating the moisture problem.  This can include interior areas of commercial and residential buildings where mold has become a structural or health problem, or exterior surfaces where aesthetics have begun to deteriorate.  Since mold destroys the surface materials it is on, remediation can preserve the structural integrity of the building. Failure to address a mold problem ultimately can result in high replacement and rebuild costs, loss of aesthetic quality, or result in severe health problems of occupants and tenants. 

We offer a quick, effective and non-invasive method of remediation that kills mold and retards its re-growth. Our 32 years of general contracting experience ensures that we have the knowledge required to eliminate the existing moisture problem inherent with mold inside your house or building. We use a low volume, low pressure system which is organic, non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe and USDA approved. We never use bleach or high pressure washers which can damage wood and kill plants. Learn why bleach is not a safe and healthy method of mold removal, cleaning and surface restoration.   

Why Use Shoreline Environmental instead of other mold remediation companies?

Having to have your home treated for mold can be a daunting and intimidating process. Many homeowners are often confused about the process, and need to make sure their home will be properly treated for mold contamination. Homeowners should be aware that not all companies are created equal, and many companies use methods that are not recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. A bad mold remediation job can make the condition of your home more dangerous than no remediation job at all!

Some things you should consider before choosing a company to treat your mold problem:

  • What methods of mold remediation is the company using?
    • The only true way to remediate mold is to use a high quality biocide to kill mold and spores and remove the mold from the home.
    • Sanding, encapsulating, sand blasting, and fogging are all methods that many companies claim to use. None of these methods will eliminate mold properly.
    • Shoreline Environmental will only use Cal-Brite, a USDA approved, environmentally safe biocide to treat your home. We use only heppa filtered vacuums and intensely filter the air of your home through 3µm air scrubbers.
  • What is the experience level and background of the company?
    • All mold problems stem from moisture problems. Many companies claim to be mold remediation companies, but they and their staff have no knowledge of homes and home construction. A good mold remediation company understands your home and how to fix any problems that may occur.
    • Many companies claim to be mold remediation companies but are actually fire and water damage companies. Cleaning up after a water damage event is only a small part of mold remediation and if it is not done properly can actually put your family in more danger of mold contamination then if the company was never hired.
    • Shoreline Environmental has over 35years of construction experience, as well as staff members that are not only certified in mold remediation but also one staff member with a graduate degree in biology and a second with a degree in environmental sciences.
  • What is the clearance criterion the company is using?
    • A good mold remediation company should present you with a clearance criterion. This is the standard fungal ecology by which you, and they, can judge the effectiveness of the job they perform.
    • Shoreline Environmental will always adhere to the clearance criteria they recommend.
  • Is the company guaranteeing their work?
    • A company should be willing to return to the home, as many times as necessary, after the remediation was performed until the total fungal ecology of the remediated area meets the specified clearance criterion.
    • Shoreline Environmental guarantees we will continue to provide service to your home, at no additional cost to you, until the treated area has met the clearance criterion.
  • Do you feel comfortable that the company and their staff are safe and trustworthy?
    • Shoreline Environmental is a family owned and operated company. We have been providing our construction and mold remediation services to families and business for over 35 years.
    • We take enormous pride in our work and our reputation in our community. We are always happy to provide references upon request.
    • Shoreline Environmental is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Rhode Island and Connecticut.
    • Read what our customers have to say about Shoreline Environmental:

"I had some problems at my rental property. Shoreline came in tested the property and came up with a remediation plan and schedule that worked with everyone. I can not say enough about their professionalism."

Anthony P. Hamden, CT

"We were amazed at how Shoreline followed through to make sure we had no problems weeks after they had finished. I would recommend them with out any hesitation."

Phil. H. Wallingford, CT

"I had to move out of my home after the basement was flooded and not properly cleaned. I amazed at how hard Shoreline worked to stay with in our insurance budget. Shoreline went above and beyond their commitment. I was back in my house problem free in a matter of days."

Norma Q. Meriden, CT

"Post Road Wood Products has been contracting on the CT shoreline for more than 40 years. During this time we have learned the importance of dealing with professionals. Shoreline Environmental has proven itself time and time again."

Brian W.
Post Road Wood Products, Guilford, CT

"Having just started out in the contracting business I have learned to depend on Shoreline Environmental for its ability to hone in on the water problems and find the best and most reasonable solutions."

Danny. Baff Street, RI

"Shoreline Environmental saved the sale of my house. Once notified, Shoreline dealt with every one: the real estate people, the buyer—they even presented documentation at the closing for both lawyers. I could not thank them enough."

Don P. Guilford CT

Please contact us for further information or a free demonstration. If you would like information on the other contracting services we provide go to www.thetileshopinc.org. 

Mark E. DeAngelis
M. DeAngelis Inc.

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